Friday, 28 September 2012

St. Tropez

Love dress (gift). Topshop jacket.

It's funny how the whole post from St Tropez turned out to be full of photos of Laduree. And I am not a big fan of macaroons to be honest, it's just the pastel colours went so well with my outfit :)

This romantic dress was kindly sent to me from Love and for anyone interested, there is a winter alternative in black. I will be soon having a very exciting giveaway sponsored by this brand so don't forget to check back for updates! 

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Eva Wu said...

you look fantastic

Meri said...

You're just too amazing! These pictures are pure perfection!!

Kisses, Meri

ka milka said...

awesome ; ))

new post

Anastasia said...

pictures are great)

Maria said...

Прекрасные фотографии! Макаруны действительно хорошо сочетаются с нарядом))

Sheryl Luke said...

You look beautiful girl :)


Tiffany said...

very beautiful! your outfit does totally match with Laduree!

Annie said...

amazing pictures!! You look great!

Anonymous said...

Just curious if boyfriend vacancy is available? Surely there is a long queue of eligible bachelors

Rory said...

LOVE the dress and shoes! Your look is so romantic and fresh. All white is a winning combination, always! :)

Chloe Mayville said...

I was just at Laduree in Paris a few days ago! Beautiful and delicious

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